Having locked in our riding schedule both Paul and myself were up and ready at 5am to get the day started. With the goal of being in the provincial capital of Prachuap Kiri Khan by 12pm for an important work meeting that I had scheduled.
This caused the unique problem of how we structure the day between stops, locations and making sure we could get there on time.

The t(r)usty steeds on the beachfront.

After a beautiful sunrise ride along the beachfront we were feeling relaxed and getting into pace. Last week and only 60km before the ride, I got a professional ‘bike fit’ done to make sure I was square and ready for the ride. More on that later..

On the big jobs… Need that High-vis.

After departing the beach it was time to make our way through the national park. This is a beautiful mountainous region that was grounded by a seemingly never ending marass of mangroves. While it was very desolated and eerie, it also reminded me of the Gippsland lakes that I grew up in.

Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park.

After coming back onto the coast line Paul once again flexed his local knowledge by taking us to a lovely hidden ‘local’ restaurant right on the beach front. I would never have found this by myself, but since Paul lives in the area and has covered thousands of KM’s around these parts, he knew exactly where to take us.

First breakfast…

We then decided that it was only 9:30am and we were @ 62km already. We only had another ‘easy’ 40km to our destination. I had to be sat down and ready for the meeting by 12pm, so we could either go slow and try and find a mid way point to sit the meeting, or go hard out and cover the 40km in 2 hours which is typically fairly easy going at a conservative 20km/h.

View the ride on Strava below!

As we started to count down the final 40km the sun started bearing down on us. Paul had noticed that my hips were ‘bobbing’ quite a bit on the day before and I myself started noticing the increasing pain in both my butt cheeks!
OH NO! The dreaded saddle sore….

If you’ve ever wondered how riders go days on end doing 100km+ rides then sometimes the truth is that they don’t… And saddle sores are certainly something that can stop a ride if they get bad enough (think blood….puss and non stop agony).

Knowing that we needed to get to the hotel I pushed on and for the first time on this ride the next 40km started to go very slowly… As my 20km/h target begun to drop as each gust of headwind hit me in the blaring mid day sun..
We finally arrived at the hotel at 11:45pm with time to spare and after a quick wash of the face I was ready for the meeting! Thanks again to Pual for his constant good attitude and fast decision making skills.

The saddle sore situation:
Paul being the pro that he is came up with a plan to drop the seat by around 3mm giving me an easier reach on the pedals and less movement (less chafing) and I got to the preventative side of things.
With talc powder to keep me dry after the ride and some sudocream to keep the skin happy at night.
It was now time for bed, with the hope that my body would do it’s part to begin the healing process..