Arriving at the hotel in a rush the day prior, my main concern was the growing pain in my posterior…. Saddle sores can quickly become a ride killer if they get bad enough. Since you are basically sweating and chafing for 5-6 hours a day if you don’t keep your skin in good condition and dry then an open wound will certainly kill what would otherwise be a fun ride.

With that being the case I dried off and went to the chemist for some cream and let my body rest, thankfully as of this morning it all seems to be OK and we are ready for our ride! *fingers crosed*

The beautiful sunrise over the beach from our hotel balcony.

Today’s adventure was a ‘leisurely’ 75km towards one of both myself and Paul’s absolute favourite towns in Thailand ‘Baan Krut’. Given that we knew it wasn’t going to be a long one, we decided to hang around the hotel in Prachup Kirri Khan and watch the sun rise while we ate at breakfast. Paul also suggested I drop my seat by a good 3mm to see if that would help out as well.

After watching the fishing boats set off we started along the coast line which was some truly magical riding. It flashed between lazy coconut trees along the beach side to towering old growth rubber tree plantations offering us some great shade while we had a casual chat.

The fishing boats getting ready for a day on the water in Prachup Kirri Khan
The amazing palm tree back roads behind Ban Huai Yang

The reality of the Coronavirus was starting to set in as we noticed less and less restaurants open. When we finally did see some that were open they told us ‘take-away only’ which isn’t very helpful when you’re on a bicycle!

At 7:30am we had a beautiful shot of the pine trees in the smoke as the local farmers burnt off.

After our lunch break we had to deal with our inland section of riding which was very slow, hot and dusty going alongside the new ‘high speed rail’ line which is going down south. This did allow us a direct line and was good fun to get off road for a bit.


At KM 53 we found another scenic beach side town that is making the transition from traditional fishing village to a more ‘western retirement’ style town with some new (albeit horrible) massive A frame houses going up. Paul said that they have been finished for over 18 months and half of them were still unsold.

After our stop at 53km we had another 20km to do before we finished the day off. By this time the sun was in full force and the clock was ticking.

Ryan Cullinan and Paul Hamon stop off on their 1,000km bike ride from Bangkok to Phuket

By this stage I was very happy that the looming saddle sores seemed to have subsided and I felt like most of the ‘damage’ was tissue related to a new seat position rather than full scale welts/boils or anything nasty. By this stage it was just a case of the odd shuffle around in the saddle and grin and bare.

Right across the road from our hotel in Baan Krut.

When we arrived at the gorgeous little town of Baan Krut, Paul and I got changed into our beach rags and had a swim in the ocean and then chilled out on the beach doing a lot of nothing.

Paul had a mate in Baan Krut called K.Gop and Byron who have a pizza place called Kasama. Since we have a massive day on tomorrow (130km) we decided to ‘carb load’ and smash 3 whole pizzas before bed.