Thank you so much to everyone who donated! Really means a lot to me.

Full of nerves and with the brand new Ortlieb pannier bags packed I met my good friends Steve and Som @ 5:30am who kindly offered to drive me to the PTT at the edge of Bangkok to begin the ride, as the CBD is NOT the place you want to be riding at 5.30am in the morning with very little traffic allowing the taxi’s to get up to ‘full speed’ along the main roads.

The day was a short one with only 74km of riding to the next town which was mainly on the service road of the major freeway.

There were some good scenery on the way with some salt fields and lots of marshy land.

I was due to meet my riding partner and friend Paul at 12pm but we were both in town by 10.30am! So we both made great time. We then ‘explored’ the little town we were staying at right on the border of Samut Songkran and Petchaburri. The town is really ‘quaint’ and had some amazing seafood.
So I’ve been loading up on Tom Yum Prawns, fried fish and red sauce.

Doesn’t get much fresher than this! The restaurant had the fishing boat pulled right up to it.

We also saw this beautiful massive teak wood house which was threatening to blow over with the next stiff breeze.

We are still taking donations for Wildlife Victoria!