Today is was one of the biggest days of the whole ride and was certainly going to stretch my legs. I had done plenty of 100km rides while training and even done a few back to back. But to do 4 days continuous riding and then punch out a 130km day was certainly going to test my endurance.

Paul finding it easy going at 6am right next to the beach in Ban Ao Yang.

We were off and away at 5:31am sharp and for today to ‘work’ we were hoping for favourable conditions. As luck would have it the sun was being gently hidden by a band of low lying cloud, so we took full advantage.

A Thai ‘bird nest’ building. This is where all the bird nest supplement drinks are farmed in Thailand. Bird nest is a delicacy and can be as expensive as caviar. The buildings have loudspeakers that play bird calls to attract them to nest. This is seen as a much better system than endangering them by harvesting the nests in caves near the beach.

After 2 hours of riding we made our first 7/11 stop of the day at 41km and we were both feeling great. The sun had remained hidden behind clouds and we were storming along the flats. It was now time to head back towards the beach along the amazing concrete back roads and through the Thai countryside.

Paul enjoying every minute of the morning ride!
Majestic towering palm tree forests surrounded us

We also came across some of the old growth rubber tree plantations. As they get to 30ft+ tall they create their own little eco system that is a solid 10deg cooler than the open air. Paul thinks these would make a great place to build a house and relax in the shade!

Younger rubber trees still being farmed. You can see little cups at the bottom that they go out and collect.

As I made a quick stop to update my Spotify playlist Paul had managed to meet up with another group of long distance cyclists! I swear he is like a magnet for them! haha.

A group of European round the world cyclists.

After we finished our quick chat it was down to the business of chewing up some proper KM’s and getting the day done! Luckily the sun was staying hidden and we even had a slight tail wind, the conditions couldn’t have been better really!

This village had my name written all over it!

We stopped off for lunch at 77km and only 10:45am. We had been making great time and both of us felt really good, as we sat on the roadside wooden tables eating our pork and bean soup (was delicious!) I started to feel a little bit faded and ragged around the edges. Luckily Paul got me some fluro pink soft drink and I was once again firing on all cylinders!

Quick check in.

The roads for the whole trip have been 95% B-Roads with massive shoulders and dedicated bicycle lanes or little concrete jungle paths. We have barely had to hit any major roads and even when we do they have always had good traffic, I truly believe that Thailand is a great country for cycling!

A typical road we’ve been riding on. Notice the dedicated bike lane, massive shoulders and beautiful scenery.

We stopped off at 100km and had some more Thai food near the beach in the cool breeze, by this stage I had been soaking wet with sweat for a good 5 hours and my feet were starting to go a bit soggy. Next ride I will certainly switch to sandals as that seems to be the go! For now it was time to knock this ride on the head and grind out the final 30km!

Just after our final 7/11 stop there were some roadworks. Red dirt, just like Australia. 120km

We deliberately begun to pace our stops, our typical day seem to go as follows.

  • 40km
  • break.
  • 30km
  • break
  • 20km
  • break
  • 15km
  • break
  • 10km
  • break
  • 10km


This structure keeps us ‘fresh’ and means we aren’t grinding to a halt. As our endurance (my endurance really..) improves then we will begin to be able to add to each segment by 5-10km hopefully!

Yum Ta Krai (Thai lemongrass salad)
Khao Pad Gai (Chicken fried rice)

We arrived at our first ‘rest stop’ day at 130KM and I must say that I felt surprisingly good! We picked a nice resort for AU $40 a night which was perfect. It was right on the beach and the restaraunt had my favourite Thai dish, I smashed them both together and inhaled it. Feeling proud of the day that just was and confident that we can finish this journey on a high!

Our meal was punctuated by a short display by the local arbourist! One of the huge palm leaves was looking rather dangerous above us so we had to move while he climebd up and chopped it down with a kitchen cleaver! Love Thailand.